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オートバイの転倒対策:転倒棒止 Anti Rollover Rod for all motorcycles

転倒棒止 Anti Rollover Rod

転倒棒止 anti rollover rod for all motorcycles
  • オートバイの転倒を防止 転倒棒止
  • オートバイ 地震対策 転倒棒止
  • オートバイ 強風 転倒棒止
  • 地震対策 転倒棒止 取り付け例 ダイナ ローライダー
寺田モータース 転倒棒止 オートバイの地震対策品

They can save your motorcycle from rollover disaster caused by earthquake, typhoon and pedestrians to the maximum degree possible.
Please stand next to your motorcycle and put it between motorcycle frame and the ground.
If your motorcycle has side stand in right side, please put anti rollover rod in left side.
Exhaust pipes, engine guards and steps are also utilizable parts instead of frame.
Bottom part has spherical joint and rubber plate which allow you to use anti rollover rod in the room.
There are four types of anti rollover rod. Each of them has different length.
Choose one of them depending on your need.
取付説明書 PDF [2.07MB]
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  • Parts Name:Anti Rollover Rod A-type 転倒棒止 A-type
  • Parts No.:TE-01
  • Effective Length*:170mm - 240mm
  • Price:4,212 yen(tax included)
  • Parts Name:Anti Rollover Rod B-type 転倒棒止 B-type
  • Parts No.:TE-02
  • Effective Length*:240mm - 310mm
  • Price:4,428 yen(tax included)
  • Parts Name:Anti Rollover Rod C-type 転倒棒止 C-type
  • Parts No.:TE-03
  • Effective Length*:310mm - 380mm
  • Price:4,644 yen(tax included)
  • Parts Name:Anti Rollover Rod D-type 転倒棒止 D-type
  • Parts No.:TE-04
  • Effective Length*:380mm - 450mm
  • Price:4,860 yen(tax included)
  • Parts Name:Anti Rollover Rod E-type 転倒棒止 E-type
  • Parts No.:TE-00
  • Effective Length*:130mm - 170mm
  • Price:4,428 yen(tax included)
  • Parts Name:Anti Rollover Rod F-type 転倒棒止 F-type
  • Parts No.:TE-05
  • Effective Length*:150mm - 220mm
  • Price:4,212 yen(tax included)
*「Effective Length」は地面から転倒棒止頭頂部(モーターサイクルのフレーム接触箇所)までの長さです
* 'Effective Length' means the length from the ground contact area to motorcycle contact area

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